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Application Form

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Application Form

Post by SplitscapeTM on Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:42 pm

//\\//\\ Application Form //\\//\\

To join the clan, copy and paste this Application Example below and fill it out.
When done, join ' SplitScapeTM ' cc and tell one of the Bronze - Silver - Gold Ranks or above in To Check Up Your Application

Please make sure to add " SplitScapeTM " to your friends list once accepted by clan!

You must meet all requirements or your application will be put on hold until you meet them.

Combat Level:
Attack Level:
Strength Level:
Defence Level:
Agility Level:
Prayer Level:
Ranged Level:
Slayer Level:
Construction Level:
Total Level:

Barrows Gloves (y,n):
Fire Cape:(y,n):
Full Void:(y,n):
Favorite boss:
Did anyone refer you to this clan (y,n) if yes whom:
How experienced at PvM are you:
Former clan & why did you leave:
What region are you from? (specify country):
Do you have ALL the gear requirements (y,n):

Would you use our clan Discord:
Do you promise to follow the rules:
Any final thoughts:

Please note: It may take time for us to see the application and check it, so keep your privates "on" and we will add you or comment on application if any problems. Please be patient Smile

Please make sure to add " SplitScapeTM " to your friends list once accepted by clan!

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